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19 July 2019

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are getting married!

Groom and Bride

Line Groom

Lee Carlisle

(S/o William Carlisle & Cynthia Carlisle)

Line Bride

Danielle Dowling

(D/o Irene Bradley)


We inviting you on


19 July 2019

At The Stewards Room, Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe

Don't miss it!


until we get married!

Ceremony & party



Main Ceremony

3:00 pm

The Stewards Room, Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe.

Followed by afternoon tea, drinks and a bird of prey display.

Wedding Party

8:00 pm

The Atrium, Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe.

Drinks, pizza and disco!


Be our guest!


You're Invited Danielle & Lee's Wedding

Please Rsvp Before 30 April 2019

We hope you can make our wedding, you can RSVP via our website or invitation insert.

Gift Registry

What we want most for our wedding is to have our friends and family there to celebrate the occasion with us. If you would like to get us something, we would appreciate some euros to go towards excursions on our honeymoon.

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Clitheroe Castle

Venue Details

Clitheroe Castle

The Castle

Clitheroe was built no later than 1102 atop of a steep limestone rock which rises about the River Ribble. It is an example of an enclosure castle - a defended stronghold where the outer walls were the primary defensive structures rather than relying on a Great Keep as a last resort refuge. Although Clitheroe does have a Keep it was built for accommodation purposes and was relatively small; any attacker who surmounted the motte and breached the walls would not have had difficulty accessing the Keep. The curtain wall extended North, East and West around the Keep and to the South wrapped around the bailey.

Clitheroe was the seat of the Honour of Clitheroe and, paired with Pontefract, was owned by the de Lacy family who used it as their administrative centre functioning as a court and prison. In 1311 it passed by marriage into the hands of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster and was subsequently consumed into the Duchy of Lancaster. In 1327 it was acquired by Queen Isabella, wife of Edward II. During this period various repairs were carried out to buildings within the castle and a new gatehouse was constructed.

By the Civil War the castle was ruinous but was nevertheless occupied by a Royalist force who made a few makeshift repairs. No action is recorded there during the war itself but in 1649, following the execution of Charles I, it was briefly reoccupied by members of the Lancashire militia who refused to disband. Once dispersed Parliament gave orders to compromise the defences to prevent it being held again and resulted in the large breach made in the Keep.

Places to stay


There are several hotels located within short distance of Clitheroe Castle. A selection are listed below:

There are a number of B&B's in the area which can be found on websites such as www.booking.com and www.airbnb.co.uk.

Taxi Services


Local taxi firms in Clitheroe are: Clitheroe Taxis (0120 0443 999), Tiger Taxis (0120 0444 444) and Saf's Taxis (0120 0442 111). For anyone staying near Whalley there is Beez Taxis (0125 4888 288).